We are HPAAC

We are Healthcare Professionals Alliance Against COVID-19 (HPAAC). We are an alliance of healthcare professionals and health workers working together to manage the COVID-19 and improve our healthcare system.

We heeded the urgent call to come together to help control this unfolding pandemic by bringing our people together. We bridge healthcare professionals, health workers, policy makers, business leaders, key influencers, communities and Filipino families to work together.

What we saw
  • Workforce Overload
  • Inefficient contact tracing and quarantine
  • Inefficient case finding and isolation
  • Workplace outbreaks
  • Inadequate and unsafe transport options
  • Worsening inequities 
In our call to heal and save lives, we have a strong voice to catalyze clarity and alignment in:
  • Public policy
  • Standards of health interventions
  • Behavior change communication in order to achieve responsiveness to emerging needs.
HPAAC members agree to our operating principles and values:
  • Commit to achieving our mission and goals
  • Respect different opinions and ideas
  • Uphold evidence-based decision making, debating internally to come to a unified position
  • Facilitate multi-specialty, interdisciplinary, and whole-of-society approach
  • Value diversity, inclusiveness, honesty, transparency, and accountability
  • Declare conflicts of interest